Design Workshops

Based on the participatory design process, I create workshops to engage and enhance the work of participants from both the design and outside of the design community.  



In this infographic, we use data collected from the press for a period of 15 months to highlight the types and motivations behind all the collective action witnessed in Lebanon. 

The visual reveals that most mobilization of the Lebanese community is due to conflicts of policy or of socio-economy. The repartition of the action on the different districts highlights where each issue is most present and what type of manifestation characterizes the area.

This project was commissioned by Lebanon Support as part of their ongoing Conflict Mapping & Analysis project part of the Civil Society Knowledge Center.

Information architecture and design done in collaboration with Patil Tchilinguirian. 



In this series of visuals, we explore the meaning on an economy under occupation taking the case of Palestine. Based on research done in UN reports and similar sources, we build a relatable narrative to explain the impact of the current economical situation in both the West Bank and Gaza on the Palestinian population.